Canter & Candor

Canter and Candor; an honest account of an amateur equestrian and her life with an OTTB

The Four-Legger


Barn Name: Cori

USEA Name: Chromatic

JC Name: Corinthian Notion

Year: 2012 (Jan 21)

Color: Chestnut

C was foaled in Kentucky on January 21, 2012. He’s by Corinthian and out of Vague Notion, an Irish TB mare (by Grand Lodge), and sold for a little over $1.5k as a yearling to race trainer Terri Eaton.

Needless to say, C didn’t fare well on the racetrack.

cori race gif.gif

Guess which one he is!

He came in last, then second to last, then 7 out of 9, and his racing career ended there. He was picked up by T, my trainer in Sacramento, in March and given two months of time to chill. In July, he started his re-training in eventing, at the same time I started training with T again. I mentioned I might look for a horse to buy for when I graduated, and T said that she had plenty around and mentioned C as an option. A 3-year-old, very green, recently off-the-track thoroughbred? Damn, who wouldn’t be sold?

I had a lesson on C that went smoothly… and T offered to let me take him cross-country schooling to do bitty baby things. It was off to a rocky start as we spilled over the very first jump, but by the end, things were going smoothly.

After experiencing first-hand the level head on this guy and walking him on the buckle out after jumping cross-country, I was falling head over heels. A second outing convinced me.

On October 6, 2015, a day before my birthday, I caved and bought C, and I’ve never regretted it. He’s a talented, intelligent guy who has taught me incredible amounts– probably at a quicker rate than I’m teaching him! This season we eventually plan to move up to BN, and the way things are going, the future looks bright.


Possibly even brighter than his browband.



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