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A Month and a Half?!

Goodness gracious.

I hope you’ll bear with me through the quiet. C has been showing some mystery lameness that is isolated to his left front (more specifically, the lateral heel). He’s been on walking restriction¬†only so on the bright side– lots of hacks! On the not-so-bright side… walk-only¬†lessons, not much exciting business, and thus not much for me to post about.

We’re optimistic at this point that it’s just bruising from the ground getting hard, so keep your fingers crossed for baby C, please! The good news is also that once he’s recovered, we’ll be doing some full training with N– so 2-3 lessons per week. Wowza!

In the meantime, I’ve been riding a very generous friend’s extremely talented mare, Zena. She is an absolute blast, and pushes me to be the lead mare instead of taking the backseat. She won’t give me an inch unless I ask the right way at the right time. It’s also nice to feel like I’m the student again, after six-odd months being C’s constant teacher. I’m positive riding Zena is going to make me a better leader for C, since that’s something that N has been mentioning in our lessons. I need to be more assertive, because often, C goes, “Oh, I know what this is! I know what we’re doing!” bu-u-u-ut he actually has no clue. And that’s where I step in (theoretically).

I hope you all forgive the absence, and I’m hoping to get a couple of Zena posts in while C’s still in recovery. I’m also contemplating starting a little series about my time at the pony school, which is turning out to be educational for me as well as my beginners! It’s so fun to be teaching the next generation of equestrians, and it’s definitely a job filled with quirky, talented, and funny kids.

In other news, I may be moving to my barn. Yep, you heard right– on property! If everything works out, C will be in my back yard, and I’ll be a 30-second walk from my job.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates and I apologize once more for being a Bad Blogger. I’ll do my best to be more consistent in the future!

— M