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Boots (and Bank Accounts)


I may have mentioned in my last post that I spent an alarming amount of money on horsey items recently. I think there was a lull in my spending where I was like, “Oh, crap, I am running low on savings. I should probably stop spending it before I have a solid job lined up.” And then I was like, “Oh, crap, I really don’t have all the things that I need/want one/two/three versions of for my not at all spoiled horse, right?! Another bill won’t hurt!”


Anyway, for some odd reason I’ve convinced myself that having white boots is an excellent idea, and have purchased both white XC and white open front boots for princess C. Of course, the white open fronts need matching white fetlock boots, and they have to be the same heinously expensive brand because I can’t have black-lined white boots because they won’t match the fronts and everyone will know I’m a boot heretic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.10.08 PM.png

also Riding Warehouse is the best and I love them forever and ever so I didn’t bother finding an image without a watermark.

BUT SERIOUSLY. Look how pretty! And they’ve got the snap-latches. So shiny and white. And they’re breathable and shit. And they’re ALL MINE. The hinds match (price and otherwise).

So now I have a growing collection of boots (doesn’t include polos, eek):

  • Pink splint/brushing boots
  • Pink open fronts w/ fetlock boots
  • Black open fronts w/ fetlock boots
  • White open fronts w/ fetlock boots
  • Black XC boots (Dalmar)
  • White XC boots (Majyk Equipe)

I think I may sell the black XC boots to subsidize the cost of the whites but also they’re pretty and what happens if the white ones get too dirty? Then what?!

Princess looks awesome in the open fronts though, and I’m sure even moreso when his whites are less… yellow.

The other thing I splurged on last week was a FITS Zephyr II mesh show coat, which I snagged for a real deal off Tack of the Day. Since they don’t ship out for a good while, I probably won’t see it for a bit, but I’m stoked to get it! I’ve heard great reviews about these things and they are awfully pretty and lightweight. At $125, it was a huge discount from Dover’s $230 price tag and since I was coat shopping already… well…

My credit card took a hit last week, and I have so few regrets, it’s a little frightening.

I think a fourth bridle might be a good idea?

As a side note, C looks more and more like a real horse every day… N and I think he’s put on 50-70 lbs just in the past month, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how his body condition has changed and improved!

cori March 2

At awkward stages of shedding, but all the same…

Sept 2015

September of last year.

I love progress shots, as you can tell! But it’s so satisfying to see the hard work pay off in muscling and weight in general.

This month I’m hoping to post at least twice a week, since I only got one a week done in February. Jump lesson recap is pending for Saturday!

— M


12 thoughts on “Boots (and Bank Accounts)

  1. Everyone needs more bridles. Except me. I possibly need less.


    • Well, the more bridles, the more options you have to match with polos/pads. So really, you’ll always need more bridles, preferably with a variety of piping and/or bling. 😉


  2. all white boots are best boots 😀


  3. He looks fantastic! And really, there is no such thing as too many pairs of boots.


  4. He’s looking so grown up all of a sudden!


    • I know! It’s been the weirdest part of having a baby horse, he can look radically different day to day! He’s definitely starting to lose the gawky teenager look. 🙂


  5. Your steed is looking very handsome! I love those boots….they were worth it 😉


  6. Oooo those white boots look so nice on your chestnut! I recently had the same experience where I suddenly needed to buy new boots for my horse. Except, he’s so sensitive he needs everything fleece lined. Needless to say I’m not looking forward to my next cc statement 😀


    • Oh my goodness, fleece lined are a bear to take care of! We’ll see if princess decides he’s too delicate for them– he’s fairly skin sensitive but surprisingly we haven’t had trouble with boots thus far (knock on wood, eek!)


  7. I’m just saying a girl can never have too many shoes … boots included! LOL



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