Canter & Candor

Canter and Candor; an honest account of an amateur equestrian and her life with an OTTB

And Now, A Scenario:


It’s a stunning evening in early spring. Birds are chirping, trees rustle in gentle winds, and the dying sunlight casts long shadows into the flawless footing of the arena. Upon bringing C in from turnout, M notices he is fresh and decides that popping him on the longe might not be a bad idea. Under the orange light of the sunset, reflected in his copper coat, C canters and bucks and farts in a relatively civilized manner as M coos him praises.

A truck and trailer slowly turn the corner. C has never seen a truck and trailer before. Instinctually he bolts in the opposite direction; M digs her heels in and tries not to lose her balance despite being dragged by a 1300 pound 16.2 hand-high behemoth. C realizes that not even an inch before him lies a mounting block, which he flies over, majestic and deer-like. On the backside of this ‘jump’ he tries to kick out, nearly falling flat-out on his face. M screams, “Well, what the hell did you think was going to happen?” at the top of her lungs while the pony clubbers in the neighboring arena look on in a mixture of horror and awe. The majestic baby OTTB recovers his balance and fancy-trots as though nothing happened.

As M leads her horse to the upper jumping arena, trainer (N) says, “I saw a chestnut streak down there. Was that C?”

Yes. Yes it was.

C proceeds to be angelic under saddle and his canter feels like clouds.


“To what chestnut streak are you referring?”

Ah, the sweet art of give & take.

— M


3 thoughts on “And Now, A Scenario:

  1. oh my god his blaze is amazing. hes so cute.

    im glad he didnt get eaten by the truck and trailer 😉


  2. most majestic chestnut streak EVAR haha


  3. That face tho. How can you stay mad?



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