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Settling In & Show Name Brainstorms


Hi guys! So, I admit to lying again. The sports psychology post is (still) not finished. It’s not even that long, I just need more time to edit and clarify some of my thoughts and it’s taking me ages. Anyway, you can expect it in a day or two, I’m guessing, but I’m not setting anything in stone in case I compulsively edit everything again– it’s a fun life being a perfectionist!

Anyway, this post will be about the last two days with C. New trainer (N) has been working with me on longeing techniques, and I’ve already learned so much about positioning, tone, and laying down the rules that C is expected to follow. Namely, don’t buck/kick/trot until he’s a good distance from me, and step up when I ask, but N said that the down transitions are simply offers for him. If he feels like he still needs to expend energy, we shouldn’t reinforce the down transitions because we’d rather he do it on the longe than under saddle.


Am I done yet?

After a (very long) longeing session, C finally settled down enough for me to get on. N offered to get on first and ride throughΒ the first few antics but I wanted to re-establish everything with C that we had before my three-week break. It was mostly good, but C was understandably wired and felt like a loaded gun the entire time. We only had a few baby spooky moments, which was fine because it’s a new place and he wasn’t ridden much while I was away. By the end we had him working on my rhythm, listening for the most part, and evaluating things instead of spooking at them right off the bat. By the end, C was soaked in sweat– I have honestly never seen him that sweaty, ever, and he did most of it before I even got into the saddle!


Cooling off after hard work

Yesterday, he was amazing, but I’m thinking it was only because he was so tired from the day prior. He honestly kept longeing himself, even when we offered down transitions. We had amazing canter work– I felt very in tune with him, though his trot work was arrhythmic and a little all over the place. I did make him do some quality work before we stopped, and I think he’ll be back to his usual self soon.

He’s settling in better than I could’ve hoped, maintained his appetite, and loves watching all the cars and trailers and people go by his stall. The new stall is solid-walled so it has better protection from the wind, so no double-up on the blankets is nice and convenient! I’ve done working student jobs for two days, and it’s exhausting, but definitely worth it to pay off lessons. All over, not much to report except that C is finally settling down.


I’m pretty happy with his body condition right now! His withers really popped while I was gone– he’s 16.1 hh!

On a different note, I wanted to get some opinions on show names for the baby horse! I’m not the hugest fan of his JC name. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite; I’m just very ambivalent towards it. I’ve always loved the one-word names, snappy and catchy, like Shutterfly, Flexible, Hickstead, Valegro, etc. Medium length, a nice sound to them… you catch my drift. So when it came to brainstorming C’s future show name I knew kind of what I wanted, but I also wanted it to make sense, and connect in some way with his barn name (Cori). Ultimately, I’ve been thinking about this since I bought him, and I thought about Encore but it’s a name shared by many, many USEA horses. And then I came up with one I’m feeling pretty good about, but I want your opinions!

What I’m leaning towards is “Chromatic“. I’m not sure what I like so much about it– I think the ‘C’s make it sound really sharp, and he is a chrome-y boy, but I’d love some opinions!

Hopefully I’ll finish up that post in a day or so… stay tuned!

— M


12 thoughts on “Settling In & Show Name Brainstorms

  1. He’s looking really good! And I think the name is cute.


    • Thanks Heather! Glad to hear it. πŸ™‚ He looks even better in a certain set of hot pink polos… I whipped them out today for the first time at the new barn and N seems resigned to the tidal wave of pink equipment. πŸ˜‰


  2. I love Chromatic too!! πŸ™‚ I made sure to like and follow! I have an equestrian blog too and hopefully we can help support each other? πŸ™‚


  3. i like ‘chromatic’ too – great sound, plus it has all different kinds of meanings (from music to color to mathematics). also kinda jealous of the lunging lessons, def wanna try something similar with my mare one day…


  4. I vote for Chromatic — I love that!!


    • He’s registered and ready to go! Now, obviously, I need to splurge on a new nameplate, and the notches for the screws in the old halter are kind of worn so I should just get a new halter, too, and…. oh dear!


  5. Chromatic is awesome! And so appropriate. It is so hard to come up with a name sometimes! I was going to name Indy “All About Soul” but then learned it had to start with an R, like his sire, for the registry. It took a while but we came up with his name while on a bachelorette party when we were whitewater rafting down the Snake River in Wyoming. “Revel In Soul” – since that’s what we were doing πŸ™‚


    • Omg, I love “Revel in Soul”! It’s super cute! I had a rough time brainstorming (and my non-horsey mother kept suggesting things like “Perfect Notion” and I was like “MOM NO IT’LL JINX US!” I think any horse with a ‘winning’ name (Bringing in the Blue, etc) is just asking for Fate to kick you around, lol!

      Liked by 1 person


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