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Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Horse!


Technically yesterday, but it’s been madness since I left for (a very emotional) trip to England. I officially got back Monday and I’ve been in the process of writing a very long, but, I hope, very interesting post inspired by a podcast. But more on that later– probably Sunday, if all goes as planned!


handsome birthday boy in his new digs

But anyway, yesterday was C’s birthday and his second day in the new barn. He was very tired and nonchalant on day one, was excellent for the trailer ride, drank a gallon of water, and fell asleep. Yesterday he was very alert, high as a kite, with lots of sideways skitters and little leaps as I was handwalking him. Right now I’ve just been walking him around in hand, because this place is absolutely massive in comparison to our old facility. There are always horses being ridden, longed, trailered, led around the barns… and cars, tractors, and trucks driving almost constantly in and out.


roundpen soup

Which, all things considered, is an awesome experience! Lots of commotion means he’ll be better adjusted when we head out to shows. It just means his adjustment period might take a bit longer, and because of how fresh he was yesterday, I asked N (new trainer) if we could longe him together, work on his longe manners a little and in general just have someone experienced around in case C decided to be special. As it turns out, he kind of was, so I’m glad she was there. He had a lot of energy to expend, which I expected given the new environment and essentially a 2-week vacation.

Once he settled down, he was very well behaved and stretched a bit, though still had a few ‘moments’ with horses walking by (one with a mounted rider?! WHAT?? He’s never seen that before!). Tomorrow I’m going to hop on him for the first time in 3 weeks! I can’t believe it’s been so long and I’m just itching to be back in the saddle and working with my lil’ monster again.


is that… another HORSE?!

Yesterday was his real birthday/foaling day, so he’s officially four! Time really does fly when you’re doing flatwork. Anyway, thus far I really love the new place– feeding is 3 times a day (huzzah!) and they grow fodder that you can replace a flake with every day. I worked a day, so I can say the horses here are taken such good care of. If there’s no turnout, they’re handwalked or turned out in the arenas with supervision by the working students. Blanket changes, graining, and lots of ‘extras’ are included, plus I’ve been given the opportunity to work off some of the board or lessons as a working student so I’m thrilled! The arenas are just as beautiful as they are in pictures, and there’s plenty of space to longe and ride. Plus, everyone’s been incredibly nice so far– I have to say I wasn’t expecting it because it’s such a huge facility that, if people wanted, they’d have an excuse to keep to themselves. But even when I was working, everyone was helpful and chatty and just lovely overall, so I’m very optimistic.

Tomorrow is our first lesson with N and I’m excited to have her see how she goes– but also a little nervous, because I don’t think he’s been worked properly in some time. Anyway, I’ll make a post about it tomorrow.

Oh, and… guess who I ran into at the new place?


cute as ever

Yep, Danny! If you haven’t read my “Two-Legger” page yet, this is my old lease horse from five years ago. I think it’s crazy that I found him again after all that time! His new owner is incredibly sweet and said I can hop on him any time– apparently, he’s still afraid of flower-boxes and won’t jump anything with fill, and after spending a few minutes with him, I can tell his personality hasn’t changed a bit. He’s 14 now! Holy crap!

I feel old. I do, after all, now have a 4-year-old child.

— M


3 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Horse!

  1. the new barn sounds really exciting – what a good sign that everyone is so friendly too! hope you bday boy settles in well!


  2. Happy bday to your pony! The horse world is so funny and small like that hey? 🙂 Excited for your next post!



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