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Secret Santa 2015!


Just before Christmas Eve, a little package arrived with a couple of items from Emily’s Equine Creations (which will reopen on January 5) that I absolutely adored. I put on the bracelet first chance I had…

bit bracelet

beautifully pink and horse-y

…and tucked the bridle charm into my bag for the next trip up to see C. I still haven’t decided which bridle to pop it on, but I’m thinking the figure 8, since my dressage bridle hardly needs more bling (did I just say that? Eek!).

bridle tag

ALSO beautifully pink and horse-y

Honestly, I was thrilled with the gifts — though slightly confused that there was no note for me to figure out what lovely person had sent them. So you can imagine my surprise (and excitement) when a bigger package arrived just a couple days ago. I shredded the packaging and unearthed a mountain of mini candy canes nestled around some incredibly enticing packages.

presents from GE in box


The card was incredibly sweet (funnily enough, we both recently graduated with English degrees) and revealed my Secret Santa to be Heather at the Graduated Equestrian! And oh my goodness, the gifts were exactly what I needed! Heather hit this one out of the park.

gifts from GE

Socks, polos, and treats!

Yesterday I went out to the barn for a dressage lesson (which was fantastic, but I’ll write a post about it later) and got to try those polos on. They are gloriously pink. Not kind-of-pink, not salmon or raspberry, but pink. I am obsessed and despite all the work required with wrapping polos they will be used… frequently. Plus, look how cute C is in them. How could I not?

hot pink polo front

they make his bell boots look taupe

cori cutest2

I was mad cheesin’ so I cropped my face off, but let’s talk about how insanely long his legs are– also PINK

C sends a huge thank-you to Val for the delicious treats, which I kind of crammed into his face because A) I haven’t seen him in a week, B) he’s really cute, C) he was really cute, and D) it’s basically still Christmas. Anyway, the treats are minty and smell like molasses and C adores them (and he’s picky with treats, too, so bonus points!). And the socks are comfortable and boot-length, plus I just love more socks because I lose one of every pair. But not this pair! I’m determined!

I cannot express how awesome all of these gifts are. They’re functional and adorable and exactly what I wanted. So a million thank-yous to Heather for an incredible Secret Santa– it was my first year joining in (as you may know, since I only started blogging in October) and I had so much fun! Thank you also to Tracy at Fly On Over for organizing and hosting. I’ll definitely be joining in again next year!

— M


10 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2015!

  1. So glad you enjoyed them all! The Polos were labeled as Raspberry, so they were clearly a must. 🙂


  2. Those are great gifts!


  3. Those polos are amazing!


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  5. Those polos are smashing!! ❤



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