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New Home on the Holidays


Yesterday I swung by the barn I’ll be moving C to in January. It’s a very beautiful facility, and I wanted to hammer out some details with N (new trainer) before I leave.

Which brings me to…. England! I’m going on a trip to visit family January 6th to 18th, so C will be attended to by T and a few fellow students. I’m hoping he’ll learn lots while I’m gone, but I’m going to miss this sweet lil face.


The noodle

So here’s the details on our future place! The outdoor arenas are all-weather footing (fabulous!) and spacious, and one of the indoors is a massive, beautiful dressage ring. All the better to do flatwork in! Unfortunately the group turnouts are apparently a little slippery and have gopher holes, and considering how C rips around pasture, I think he’ll go in a private turnout. On the one hand I’m bummed he won’t have the socializing group turnout provides, but I don’t want injuries, lost shoes, or any of that!

Anyway, the private turnout is fairly big and safe so he won’t hurt himself galloping in circles. Other than that, it’s pretty routine– he’ll have a stall in the main barn and it’s big, and right near the entrance. I unfortunately was too busy asking questions to take pictures, but more good news– N offers students the chance to work off lessons and some other fees so while I job hunt, I’ll have time to rack up some credit. Which is perfect because I imagine I’ll need some tuning up after two weeks of no saddle time!


Lesson credit = more angelpony torture. 

Anyway, going to chat with N has made me feel miles better about moving! I’m sad to lose my current barn family, but the girls at the new place seem super nice so I think it’ll be a smooth adjustment.

I’d love to hear if any of you experienced with moving barns, and what you did to make the move easier on your horse. I want to make sure it’s as smooth for C as possible– definitely going to hand walk him around the whole property, but any suggestions for other ways to acclimate are so appreciated.

Happy holidays all!

— M


3 thoughts on “New Home on the Holidays



  2. Unfortunately I have moved often and a few doses of gastrogard and his best buddy coming along too help my chronic ulcer guy. As far as taking a 2 week break….it always seems when I have taken a break I come back riding better. Have a fantastic vacation!


    • C doesn’t seem inclined to make many close friends (except pining for a mare who couldn’t care any less) so he’ll have to make do with me. :o) Let’s only hope that’s the case! Maybe a break would do me good– thank you!



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