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A Whole Lot of Happy

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I’m going to kick this off with a little mini progress report for C.


He’s definitely put on weight, which was our number one priority, and he’s developed a little more in the neck department, too. I know it’s nothing revolutionary, but even seeing the subtle differences makes me happy, so I thought I’d share it all with you.

C sprang a shoe Tuesday being his usual playful self in pasture (“Like an elementary school kid at recess,” in T’s words), so he got Tuesday and today off– no biggie, of course, as little child can always use a mental break.

Nicole over at Zen, Baby Horse! hopped on C today for a little joyride and as soon as they got around to cantering, she said, “Oh my god.” C’s canter is super floaty and easy to sit through, and even though he’s narrow it’s like sitting on a sofa of fluff and joy and clouds. Still, it made me all warm and fuzzy to see him A) pick up canter, on the right leads, with no complaints and B) see another rider enjoying him.

I’ve let a few people hop on him since I bought him, though only the talented teens who run prelim now, and other girls who have experience with young’uns. It’s so interesting to watch him go from the ground– kinda cool, really, because he is an awesome mover and I never get to see it, only feel it.

Long story short, C is fantastic. I always remember that in the moments he’s being not-so-fantastic– that the moment won’t last and I’m a very lucky girl to have such an amazing baby. He was super cuddly tonight and I gave and received lots of pony kisses.

Let’s just say I’m going to sleep with my heart full of happy!

— M




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