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ZenBabyHorse Bloghop: Equestrian Haikus


Nicole over at Zen, Baby Horse! had a fabulous idea for haikus. This aligns well with recent frustrations, so I decided to try my hand at it.

Transition from trot.

Ha, who needs leads anyway?

Counter-canter king.

Clipping is good fun,

Until I see Cori’s foot

Heading for my knee.

Buy expensive grain,

My equine messy eater

Drools it on the floor.

C, stop pretending.

I can tell you’re not bending.

Use your damn muscles.

Tacking up is nice,

When your pony dozes off

And sleeps in the ties.

Inside aids and bend,

He accepts contact, and then–

Can you frame, bro?

No pictures because I’m waaay lamer than Nicole. Do I get bonus points for rhyming on two of the last ones, though?

As a side note– I’m pretty terrified for the upcoming show. Like, past my usual show nerves. Mainly because we’re doing the BN tests, which involve canter, which involves getting our freakin leads. And right now, we get the wrong lead every time, canter sloppily as C changes pace every two seconds, I’m worried it’s going to be an absolute train wreck.

I’m not usually a negative Nancy, but when I’m anxious… Reassurance, words of wisdom, and your own experiences appreciated!

— M


3 thoughts on “ZenBabyHorse Bloghop: Equestrian Haikus

  1. Use your freaking muscles!!!!

    Remember for the show that you are getting miles and experience for yourself and the little C monster (um is that not an amazing new nickname or what?!!) and in the ineffable words of Megan (A Enter Spooking): I’m not worried about steering, horses eventually learn to steer. This is true about cantering and leads too. You guys will be great!


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