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Canter and Candor; an honest account of an amateur equestrian and her life with an OTTB

Blog Overhaul

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Hey readers,

Just letting everyone know I’m going to be revamping the site over the next couple days, trying to make it a little more streamlined and fit a picture of C in the header somewhere. I’ll be testing out themes and fiddling with color schemes and everything– so don’t be surprised if it’s a whole new blog every time you visit!

In terms of posts, I was away from town this weekend but have plans to dressage intensely (or not-so-intensely) tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll do a little write-up after. Report from a lovely friend who I asked to ride C this weekend said he was super good, so hopefully the trend continues tomorrow!

— M


One thought on “Blog Overhaul

  1. It’s looking really cute so far! I can never decide on a theme for mine, but eventually I would like to get a picture of my horse in the header at some point too… haha good luck finding your perfect match ;P 🙂



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