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Left, Left, Left Right Left

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I imagine that must be what C chants to himself when I ask him for his right lead.

All in good humor, of course, because baby horse is learning slowly but surely. He’s been better about his leads over the last couple of rides, when I push his outside shoulder in and use a little outside bend. Once we build his butt muscles a little more, I think he’ll find it easier to keep the canter too, whereas right now he wants to fall to a trot in the corners.

Canter is hard, we should eat grass instead

Canter is hard. We should eat grass instead

I can tell that he’s trying to get it right, and the more I think about it, the more alike I’m convinced C and I are. He gets frustrated at the same time I do; he’s subtly stubborn (is that even possible?) but willing to try. In fact, the only thing I’ve found substantially irritating is how gate-sour he is right now. Every time we go near the gate to the arena, it’s as though a magnet is dragging his outside shoulder towards it. He’ll jut it out past leg aids and drag on the reins. A friend at the barn suggested adding outside rein and outside leg, which worked in one corner, but in the other he’ll still ignore the cues. It may be that I need to bring a crop and give him a tap– “Hey, feel this shoulder? It should not be that far out.”

We have a jump lesson tonight that I plan on recapping, so I’ll probably cut this post a little short. It’s been a good week so far, and I just purchased an $80 hunk of metal, but since that metal is going into Princess C’s mouth I consider it a worthwhile investment.

Mm, expensive metal

Mm, expensive metal

Keep your fingers crossed for an awesome jumping princess pony for me tonight!

— M


One thought on “Left, Left, Left Right Left

  1. Fingers crossed! Spare reins are on top of my trunk if you want them. 🙂



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