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Canter and Candor; an honest account of an amateur equestrian and her life with an OTTB


What’s in a Name?

As it turns out, the process of creating a blog begins with a whole lot of staring at a blinking cursor and wondering what the magic words will be. After all, it’ll be those words splashed across the header of my blog. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to whip up a name I felt would befit the subject matter as well as my writing.

And then I thought, why not make it something to aspire to?

Honesty has been difficult for me in the past, and by that I mean I am a perpetual avoider of conflict. I’ll bend over backwards to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing or be bothersome and in doing that I tend to overlook my own feelings. So I’ve been practicing speaking up, acting more boldly, and being candid with myself. And, sometimes, when the situation is right, I try being candid with others.

I can’t say I’m yet an expert in candor, but I’m trying, and this blog will hold me accountable for the truth. The full, honest, uncomfortable truth about my experiences as an equestrian, and the trial and error involved when you’re working with what might as well be giant, dangerous, expensive, very volatile children (read: horses).

On that topic, some exciting news– I have a PPE pending on a certain pony for Monday next week, so if all goes smoothly, I’ll have myself a horse! I haven’t brought him up yet because I want to be sure things will work out, but I’m getting a little jittery and might have to indulge myself some PPB (pre-purchase blogging).

And if it does work out, I’ll have the perfect face to feature on my blog header.

Stay tuned!

— M


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The Waiting Game

Hello & welcome.

Sooner or later, I’ll have a few new pages up, but for now it’s a waiting game to see if “my horse” will end up being my horse. Verdict to come– stay tuned!